Ghost & Company, a newly minted boutique book packager, provides publishers the world over with illustrated books, ranging from affordable, pop culture gift titles to sumptuously produced photography monographs. Ghost & Company brings over twenty years of combined book production experience to every project. We recognize international trends and talent, finessing raw content into books that match the lists of our publisher clients.

Ghost & Company’s extensive illustrated book experience results in our ability to shepherd a book from concept to finished product—we can deliver book files or arrange for books to be delivered to a warehouse.

Ghost & Company draws on the collective experience of its co-founders, collaborating with an extensive network of the many individuals that contribute to the creation of a book, from writers and designers to photographers, illustrators, translators, indexers, and proofreaders.

Content Creation

Ghost & Company specializes in homegrown books, starting from scratch by identifying popular international trends, or working with clients to take a fleeting idea and convert it to a finished book.

Design & Editorial Services

From art directors to illustrators, indexers to proofreaders, we deliver print-ready content that has been pored over by obsessive eyes.

Print Production

Have a project but no production person to manage all the technical aspects of printing? Let us take care of that for you.

Proposal Consultation

Are you an author, artist, or agent sitting on the next great illustrated book but just don’t know how to present it to publishers? We can help you focus your idea and craft a proposal.